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For more than 50 years we have strove to provide our customers with the finest quality seed and services to further enhance and sustain agriculture around the world. Through our dedication and research, we have met the demand of this dynamic and competitive market.

We are proud members of four trade organizations: Texas Seed Trade Association, Southern Seed Association, American Seed Trade Association, and Western Seed Association.

Pogue Seed was founded in 1960 in Kenedy, Texas by Gary Pogue. The company initially operated a retail farm and ranch store, which sold various equipment and products in addition to planting seed. By 1965, the company had completely discontinued the retail sale of ancillary, non-seed products and turned its focus instead to the development and sale of planting seed.

During the ensuing years, the company provided its customers with a large variety and inventory from which to purchase. However, it focused primarily on the production and sale of forage grasses, including buffelgrass, a hearty drought-tolerant grass introduced into the United States in the late 1940’s by the U.S.D.A. Soil Conservation Service. By maintaining this focus and concentrating its efforts on the niche forage grass markets, the company both accumulated invaluable information and created a large market for its specialty products: buffelgrass, kleingrass and other warm season perennials.

In March 2003, the company became Pogue Agri Partners, making us a stronger than ever presence in the local and global seed business. We look forward to serving you with more and better products than ever before. We are committed to offering the finest grass and legume forage seed available and will continue to search for new and improved forage species and varieties by evaluating new forage plants at our own research facility and by cooperating with other private and university research systems.

We owe our late founder Gary Edwards Pogue, who planted the first seeds and established the roots for our continued success.

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