LAND O LAKES® ProNurse® Multi-Species Milk Replacer


If a baby animal loses its mother or her milk supply is limited, the last thing you should worry about is where its next meal will come from. LAND O LAKES® ProNurse® multi-species milk replacer is ideal to have on hand
in case mother’s milk is not available. LAND O LAKES® ProNurse® Multi-Species Milk Replacer provides high-quality nutrition to young animals, including calves, lambs, goat kids, foals, baby pigs, fawns, elk calves and llama and alpaca crias.


  • Multi-Species


  • Complete


  • Powder

Fortification of 26 essential vitamins and minerals

Provides the nutritional requirements for young animal growth

High protein and fat levels

Supports proper growth and frame development

Instant mix

Fast and easy mixing

Resealable pouch

Maintains freshness

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