Livengood Feeds Poultry Perfect Scratch

Livengood Feeds Poultry Perfect Scratch

Livengood Feeds

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Unique blend of triple clean grains, seeds and other natural ingredients. Fortified with vitamins and minerals for adult poultry and wild birds. 

Feeding Instructions

Poultry: feed to adult poultry as a supplemental feed up to 50% of the total feed consumed daily along with a complete balanced poultry ration. Offer supplemental oyster shell calcium free choice to laying hens. Offer clean fresh water at all times. 

Wild Birds: Offer to wild birds in an appropriate feeder. This blend will attract many different types of birds and is fortified with beneficial vitamins and minerals. Do not use feed that is old or molded. 

Guaranteed Analysis

  • Crude Protein, min 10.00%
  • Lysine, min 0.35%
  • Methionine, min 0.22%
  • Crude Fat, min 5.00%
  • Crude Fiber, max 4.50%
  • Calcium, min 0.20%
  • Calcium, max 0.70%
  • Phosphorus, min 0.25%
  • Salt, min 0.03%
  • Salt, max 0.50%
  • Manganese, min 40ppm
  • Selenium, min 0.20ppm
  • Zinc, min 40ppm
  • Copper, min 8ppm
  • Vitamin A, min 1200 IU/lb
  • Vitamin D3, min 100 ICU/lb
  • Vitamin E, min 15 IU/lb
  • Menadione, min 0.35 mg/lb
  • Thiamine, min 5 mg/lb
  • Niacin, min 15 mg/lb


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