Green Cover Seed- Cover Crop Mixes

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For over 15 years, Green Cover has been delivering cover crop seed, education, and resources to people who want to restore God’s Creation for future generations.

Specializing in highly diverse, custom, cover crop mixes, Green Cover has become a leading, national source for those seeking to improve soil health and biodiversity through cover cropping. Experience and expertise, paired with a commitment to education, allow Green Cover to meet the specific needs of more than 18,000 customers across all 50 states and several Canadian provinces, all while educating and empowering their customers.

Founded in 2009, Green Cover is headquartered in Bladen, Nebraska with a second location in Iola, Kansas. To date, Green Cover has helped supply seed to cover over 5.5 million acres of land, helping to manage soil erosion, retain moisture, enhance biodiversity and improve overall soil health on those lands. 

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