Chaffhaye- Premium Bagged Non-GMO Alfalfa Hay

Morales Feed & Supply

We are committed to growing and packaging the freshest, most nutritious forage product available. We seek to build cooperative relationships with animal owners, veterinarians and nutritionist by helping them transform animals from mere existence to a state of thriving. We strive to capture the best that nature can offer and to create a path to wholesome living through premium forage

We believe that the health of grazing and browsing animals starts first and foremost with quality forage. We also believe that nutrition attained from pasture-like forage is more beneficial to grazers and browsers than nutrients provided by processed feeds or dried forage. We believe that grazers and browsers can achieve maximum health and well-being when allowed to graze directly on pasture or when fed “living” forage that is naturally rich in yeast, enzymes, beneficial microorganisms and the by-products of their fermentation. We believe that premium forage coupled with good exercise and hygiene is a cornerstone to good animal health.

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