Mix 30

“It’s not your father’s liquid feed” 


What is Mix 30?

Mix 30 Liquid Feed is a “high energy” protein supplement created from a combination of corn and soy based co-products. This proprietary blend of ingredients results in a palatable, consistent, nutrient-rich product that supplies a judicious combination of both protein and energy for all ruminant diets. 
Most liquid fermentation co-products are lacking nutritionally, in one or more aspects, but this is where Mix 30 is different and superior to other supplements. Agridyne combines these ingredients in a manner that overcomes these inadequacies, and in doing so takes full advantage of each ingredient’s positive nutritional attributes. In addition to other ingredient’s nutritional inadequacies, these liquid fermentation co-products are also very inconsistent. Agridyne has solved this by employing large batch technology in its manufacturing process, effectively eliminating the variability inherent in each individual ingredient.

Mix 30 was developed as an alternative to traditional molasses liquid feed. Mix 30 is versatile and can be used successfully in a wide variety of feeding situations. Agridyne’s goal in developing Mix 30 was to produce a quality product that was palatable to the animal, economical to use and consistent and nutritionally superior to the individual ingredients on the market.
 Agridyne experimented and evaluated over 60 different combinations of the various ingredients that were on the market at the time. Eventually, the field was narrowed to two blends, and after extensive field trials, it was determined that blend #30 was the ideal ingredient combination. “Ideal”, as it provides a wide range of benefits in all segments of the cattle industry. The product was fittingly labeled “Mix 30” and the rest is history, but more importantly our customers continue to have success year after year with Mix 30.

Mix 30 Applications

Mix 30 is specifically designed as an alternative to the more common molasses based liquid feeds and is made entirely from corn and/or soy co-products, including corn or soy fat. This unique combination of ingredients results in a palatable, consistent, nutrient-rich product that supplies a prudent combination of protein and energy.

Because of its unique design, Mix 30 can be utilized in a wide variety of feeding situations and in the diet of all ruminants.


Unlike other liquid feeds, which utilize crude protein from either “all natural” sources or extremely high non-protein nitrogen sources (NPN), Mix 30 incorporates a judicious combination of both natural and NPN protein from the individual ingredients. This unique combination results in protein from a variety of sources, which are more practical and efficient than one single source.


Mix 30 utilizes fermentation co-products from the production of starch from corn grain, which results in a very low level of starch. This low starch content makes it very desirable for use as a non-starch energy source in finishing rations, promoting lower ration starch levels and reducing the probability of rumen acidosis. The type of carbohydrates in Mix 30 are also ideal for ruminants on forage based rations, as it provides a compatible relationship between carbohydrate energy source and rumen forage microbes.


Another key component to the Mix 30 blend is the addition of a unique vegetable fat. Fat contains 2.25 times more energy than carbohydrates, so our product is an excellent source of energy. The 10% fat level in Mix 30 can meet the optimum dietary level for fat when used as a ration conditioner. Another key management point is that producers do not have to worry about the vegetable fat in Mix 30 becoming rancid, as with other fat sources. In addition, the type of fat in Mix 30 has been shown to play an important role in reproduction and immune function.

Minerals And Vitamins

Mix 30 is fortified with AqTrition trace minerals and vitamins. We use a patented process where AqTrition trace minerals are reacted with organic acids. This results in mineral elements with extremely high bioavailability and complete water solubility. AqTrition trace minerals and vitamins will not settle out and will remain completely dispersed throughout the feed. The development of Mix 30 was a major break through for the feeding industry, as it provided a high quality alternative to the traditional molasses based liquid feed. With Mix 30, Agridyne has achieved its goal of supplying the feed industry with a versatile, economical, palatable, consistent and nutritionally sound product that can be used in a wide variety of feeding situations.

Beef Cows

Mix 30 can be fed free choice or mixed into a grain ration. Cattlemen find that the high energy of Mix 30 keeps cows in optimum condition and increases calf weight gain, especially as forage quality decreases. Mix 30 is low in starch and sugar making, so it is an excellent addition to any forage-based diet. Unlike other liquid feeds that contain high levels of urea, Mix 30 is safe to feed in open top tubs or tanks without fear of digestive issues. In addition, the fat in Mix 30 provides a concentrated source of linoleic fatty acid, an important nutrient in beef cow nutrition. Producers feeding Mix 30 can expect intakes of 1 to 4 pounds/head/day depending on body condition and forage conditions.

Grass Cattle

Mix 30 can be fed free choice to calves that are grazing grass or legumes. Mix 30 enhances the performance of cattle on both high and low quality forages. Plus, on poor quality forages, Mix 30 supplies additional forms of protein as well as additional energy to meet rumen fermentation requirements. Mix 30 is also beneficial on high quality forages as most high quality forages contain excess protein in relation to the amount of energy they contain. Mix 30 can help correct this protein/energy imbalance, supplying the additional energy necessary for the utilization of the excess protein. Another key point is that Mix 30 helps alleviate the bloat problems that are typically associated with grazing lush wheat pasture. Typical intakes of Mix 30 on grass cattle are from 1/2 to 3 pounds/head/day.

Background Cattle

Starting and growing cattle rations will benefit from the addition of Mix 30 at levels of up to 25%. Similar to the beef cow diet, Mix 30 provides an economical source of protein and energy for supplementing starting and growing cattle on high forage diets. Mix 30 enhances ration palatability, which contributes to higher feed intakes. Typical inclusion rates of Mix 30 are 1/2 to 4 pounds/head/day depending on the composition of the background ration.

Finishing Cattle

Mix 30 was originally developed for feedlots, providing a proven and economical means of supplementing protein and energy into the diet, while simultaneously serving as a ration conditioner. In dry rations, Mix 30 helps to adhere the ingredients together to prevent feed bunk separation. The 10% fat level in Mix 30 can meet the optimum dietary fat level when used in a high concentrate ration. Mix 30 utilizes vegetable fat, so there is no fear of rancidity as seen with animal fats. Mix 30 also contains ammonium chloride, which is often used in feedlot rations. Mix 30 is typically mixed into a ration at 1 to 3 pounds/head/day.

Calf Creep

Mix 30 is also beneficial to calves. It can be fed as a creep feed to supplement the cow’s milk when necessary. In many situations, calves are fed Mix 30 before weaning and then after they are weaned.  cow/calf operators consider it a crucial part of the ration, as one of the biggest advantages is that calves stay on feed. They are familiar with the taste of Mix 30 and continue to eat during the normal lag or off-feed period that typically occurs during this stressful time. Producers can expect intakes of 1/4 to 1 1/2 pounds/head/day in creep situations.

Mix 30 ingredient profile: A-MIX-30-PLUS-Agridyne